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Luxury Villas for Special Occasions/Celebrations

Villas For Special Occasions

While large hotels and resorts can often be crowded and overpriced, villas provide the bespoke island experience that will make the perfect backdrop for your ideal wedding or celebration. We have contacts to the most experienced and succesful wedding planners on-island who can help you co-ordinate and plan your dream day with zero stress. We have a special selection of villas that boast a wide number of bedrooms and are located in acres of beautiful tropical gardens.

Our Villa Collection

Villas such as La Belle Helene in St Lucia and Mullins Mill in Barbados are truly magnificent and provide the perfect setting for traditional Caribbean luxury and entertainment. Alternatively, locations such as The Old Fort in Bequia are available for full rent, meaning the entirety of the resort is at the disposal of yourself and your guests. If budget is not an issue, the prestigious Calivigny Island just off the coast of Grenada is a truly unforgettable location for your special occasion. The whole island is available for rental and can accommodate up to 50 guests, with world-class service that is very hard to beat.

Our Favourite Villas For Special Occasions

Finca Angoixes
Kathleen Villa
La Belle Helene
Lazy Lizard

Contact Us Today

Whatever your requirements, we would be delighted to help you create your perfect experience, with dedicated planning and our personal knowledge of each of our destinations.

Are you looking to celebrate your big day or special moment in the Caribbean or Mallorca?

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