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Luxury Villas for Honeymooners

Your First Trip As Newlyweds

Intimate, private and luxurious, we understand how important your first trip together as newlyweds is. The villa you choose needs to be both picturesque and relaxing, with minimal effort and outstanding service. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your time as a couple, in a setting that affords all the luxurious finishes that you deserve and unbelievable views.

Our Villa Collection

The stunning Orchid Cottage in St Lucia, for example, boasts a romantic and cosy atmosphere with fantastic views of the atlantic coast. The hidden hammocks, private pool and unique semi-outdoor shower are perfect for smaller groups and couples, whilst the proximity to the thriving Rodney Bay is ideal for a more lively pace, and ocean front cocktails.

Our Favourite Villas For Honeymooners

Cottage Deluxe
Jewel Box Beach Villa
Little Seascape
Sabrina Villa
Tamarind Cottage

Bespoke Villa Living

Whether you want to treat your loved one to dinner under the stars, prepared by your own in-house private-chef, stroll on the beach hand-in-hand footsteps from your luxury retreat or lounge by your sprawling private pool, we can tailor our accommodation suggestions uniquely to you.

Are you looking to celebrate with your loved one in a romantic and private luxury location?

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