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Luxury Villas for Groups

Villas For Groups

Group holidays, with their broad casts of colourful characters, are always unforgettable experiences; but they also promise a very practical benefit: by spreading the cost of a holiday over many heads, you can really keep prices down.

Our Villa Collection

We have a wide range of villas in Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, Grenada, The Grenadines, The British Virgin Islands and Mallorca that are suitable for group travel; whether this be to celebrate a wedding, anniversay or special event, or just to enjoy each others company in a beautiful setting. Our group villas offer a wide range of sleeping solutions as unique as you are. 

Many of our luxury retreats such as Cayman Villa in St Lucia include a Main House where the majority of the bedrooms are situated, in addition to a stand alone cottage set within the villa grounds which can cater to additional guests. This means that the property affords privacy to each of its guests whilst remaining in close proximity to each other.

Alternatively, we can recommend properties such as Leamington House in Barbados, which have a range of bedrooms on both floors of the villa. This particular villa has four bedrooms located on the second floor, and one further suite located downstairs. This arrangement could prove perfect for families with children as all guests are located within the same building.

Our Favourite Villas For Groups

Fustic House
Caille Blanc
Bella Beach Villa
Finca Alou
Flower Hill

Expert Travel Advice

With our extensive villa knowledge and personal enthusiasm for our villa destinations, we would be delighted to suggest a range of group villas that are as bespoke as your individual requirements.

Are you looking for the widest selection of group villas in the Caribbean and Mallorca? 

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