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Villa Rental Guide | Handpicked Villas

Why a villa offers so much more.

Staying in a villa does NOT mean you do the cooking and cleaning. At the very least your handpicked villa will have a cook / housekeeper, perhaps a Chef or even a Butler. A villa is like a home-from-home but even better. Here's why.

  1. Superb value - No need to buy multiple hotel rooms or share a room especially if you are a group. Saving can be as much as 70% compared to equivalent offerings.
  2. Privacy - it's like having the privacy of your own home. You don't need to share your pool or jacuzzi, simply enjoy the company of your family and friends.
  3. No cooking or cleaning - with your own Chef or cook, you have your own favourites at local prices. Your personal maid can even have your clothes washed and ironed ready for your return journey..and there is no cost!  In some villas you can even have your own butler to wait on you. Always on hand, never in the way.
  4. Your own timetable - no set times to eat, you can even breakfast at midday or a pool party at midnight. Total freedom.
  5. More space, comfort and amenities - even our smallest villas provide a living room, dining room and a wide choice of amenities. No more having to save a lounge chair by the pool at dawn. Great for familes.

Where to stay

    Whether you are looking for a family villa or one to celebrate an occasion, we have made it easier for you by allowing you to compare our handpicked villas. You can even refine your search. Simply identify your choice of villas and then compare their features with our comparison tool.

    We have also categorised our Bajan (Barbados) villas into categories that indicate their quality and thus help you decide which villa is right for you.

    Exclusive villas:

    These exclusive villas can be described as private estates offering superior service and include a butler and chef. They all have excellent amenities and spacious well decorated rooms. Their beautiful landscaped gardens have large swimming pools and all the facilities one would expect from a villa of this stature.

    Luxury villas:

    These are well appointed properties with a high level of comfort. They have modern media accessories, two sitting and dining areas. The villa may have a Chef but certainly a cook, staff and landscaped gardens with pool.

    Classic Villas

    These villas can be described as having a more relaxed tropical style. They offer a high level of service with a cook and maid / laundress. The rooms are well equipped and comfortable and their gardens have swimming pools.

    Our entire range of villas has been handpicked and we continuously monitor them to ensure they hit the standards you and we expect from these ratings.