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Why St Barts?


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What To See And Do In St Barts

Besides being the hangout of the knowledgable traveller in search of ultimate relaxation, rejuvination and inspiration, St Barts has a wealth to offer in terms of activities, sports, pampering, excursions and much more.

There are fourteen glorious beaches in St Barts, all with beautiful, silky white sands and glimmering azure waters. All beaches on this beautiful island are public and free, meaning everyone can enjoy them. It is also worth noting that nudity is strictly prohibited on the beaches, so make sure any swimwear stays on!

Grand Cul De Sac

grand cul de sac - st barts


Borders a shallow, well protected bay with warm calm waters. Several restaurants and hotels on this beach, and a windsurfing station.

St Jean

st jean beach - st barts


This wide beach is actually two stretches of sand divided by a rocky outcrop.


flamands beach-st-barts


This is a long and deep beach, perfect for relaxing. Whilst there is rarely hazardous swimming, the waves are great for surfing. Make sure you try the beachside La Langouste for a spot of lunch.

Marigot Beach

marigot beach - st barts


Secluded and quiet, this beach is favoured by local residents at the weekends. Edged by coconut palms, this tranquil nature reserve is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Lorient Beach



Similar to Marigot Beach, being secluded and quiet, this beach is also well known for it's great surfing.

Petit Cul De Sac

petit cul de sac beach - st barts


Calm waters and stunning scenery. A large reef fringes the bay and is excellent for diving. This beach is secluded and usually very quiet.

Gouverneur Beach

gouverneur beach - st barts


Located on a southerly tip of the island. The beach is a bit of a drive but the feeling of privacy and remoteness is well worth the wait. 

Saline Beach

saline beach - st barts


Access to the beach includes a hike over sand dunes, but it is well worth it. Locally known as the home of the 'beautiful people' on the island.

Shell Beach

shell beach - st barts


A short walk from Gustavia and home to many weekend acitivites. Restaurant Do Brazil is a great spot to grab something to eat on the beach.

St Barts has a naturally sporty atmosphere, thanks to the repeated efforts of local organisations and enthusiasts who organise friendly competitions and island tournaments. Volleyball matches for example are organized every Saturday with 2-3 player teams on various beaches. Guests are always very welcome to take part, or to offer cheers and support from the sidelines.

For those looking to tone up and relieve any tension using a fitness centre, there are three independent fitness clubs in St Barts:

Form Fitness
St Barth Gym

Each of the fitness centres is already well attended by a local clientele, but they happily welcome visitors.

There are also a number of beautiful Spa's on island, which provide centres of relief and rejuvination. There are a few spa's located within hotels or resorts, but they do welcome non-guests, so are still worth enquiring into. 

Guanahani Spa
Institut Venus Spa
Spa By Carite
Ligne St Barth




The branch corals are recovered from the last hurricanes, and the massive corals are in full bloom, with multicolored coral fish everywhere. Each bay has a reef to be explored, each islet has its walls and caves. The most spectacular dives are around Pain de Sucre, an islet off Gustavia harbour, or around a small cape, l'Ane Rouge, off Colombier bay.
Plongee Caraibes
Ouanalao Dive
St Barth Plongee
La Bulle


jet ski st barts 2


First, you can rent a motor-boat with or without a captain from 17' to 55' and more. You can also rent a jet-ski or a sea-scooter, although their utilisation is very controlled in St-Barths.
A channel from the port of Gustavia leads you out of the 300 yards of the coastal waters towards high sea, but you should not go more than one mile away from the coastline.

Jicky Marine Service
Inoa II




Surfing can be practised in quite a number of bays in Saint-Barthélemy, but only a few of them are shaped to produce the beautiful rolling waves with a crest of foam: Toiny, Lorient, Anse des Cayes and Saint-Jean. If you would like to try, the equipment is for rent in a few specialized shops, and they can find someone to guide you through your first ride.

Windsurfing is more likely to be enjoyed by many. Most of the time, winds are blowing moderately enough to allow amateur windsurfers to gradually develop their technique. 
Reefers Surf Club
St-Barts Waterplay
Windwave Power


dona lola-wakeboarding


In St. Barts, you can enjoy wakeboard and waterskiing 12 months a year. The weather is almost always nice, and the suitable streches of water are of good quality, especially for wakeboard. The pilots are competent and patient. They know how to guide both the beginner or the more experienced.
Master Ski Pilou


Some hotels have their own courts, and retain a pro for guests who want to progress during their stay. One private club eagerly accepts any outsider who wants to play on their two courts in Grand Cul-de-Sac. Anyone who wishs to play can find a way.


Provided that you choose heavy-sole shoes, wear a hat and sun-screen and take a bottle of water, hiking is a good way to discover St. Barts. The most famous path will take you from Petite Anse to the stunning bay of Colombier with a fifteen minutes walk.

But you can also climb up to the top of the island, Mount Vitet, 286 meters high, or you can tour the Toiny Point...

Vegetation on various windward places grows like bonzaïs, tough tiny trees leaning away from many years of strong gusts of wind. The dry forest shelters botanical treasures, orchids, rare cactuses, beds of white lilies... The Tourist Bureau has a small document showing some hiking itineraries.


Horseback riding is available on St Barths through St Barth Equitation at the Ranch des Flamands, which is at the end of an incredibly rough road high above Flamands in the northwest. There is a ring for dressage, but they also take out guided rides that follow footpaths through the scrub high on the ridge in the north-west of the island and then descend to Flamands beach. There are also a number of ponies for children to ride. St Barth Equitation is headed up by qualified horsewomen Coralie Fournier 690 62 99 30 and Nathalie Moison 690 39 87 01. 


Yellow Submarine – A wonderful one hour trip, for which reservations are needed. The tropical fish stay near the reef and the shipwreck of a fishing vessel sunk in 1995 during hurricane Luis. Guests can witness schools of sergeant majors, blue tangs, snappers, parrot fish, angel fish, barracudas, butterfly fish, sting rays and other fish during their underwater tour.

The shipwreck is also now home to many species of underwater creatures like the friendly nurse sharks and the green sea turtles that eat on the wrecks seaweed. These beautiful sea creatures are well accustomed to the submarine and they like to swim alongside the windows as they surface for air. 


St. Barts is a duty free port, and visitors will be impressed with the range and number of shops found on this small island. Guests may notice the similarities between the elegant displays and marble floors and Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré in Paris (with stores such as Hèrmes, Louis Vuitton, Chopard, Bulgari, Cartier, etc for the luxury shopper and the luxury budget...).

The highest concentration of shops is in Gustavia (the capital), followed by St-Jean, with its various shopping malls. We suggest allowing more than a one day to see what's what and where's where.