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Why St Barts?


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Weather In St Barts | Climate

sxm-st-martin weather-chart

The average temperature in St Barts varies between 27°C-32°C during the day, and 15°C-25°C during the night, meaning that you will be beautifully warm and rejuvinated during your stay. Due to it's location within the North of the Caribbean, the island itself experiences welcome trade winds and endless blue skies to truly enhance the tropical experience.

Rainy Season
Like many other Caribbean islands, rainy/hurricane season technically runs from July-November, however in St Barts you will only really experience any bad weather during September and October. A few restaurants and hotels close doors during this period, due to a quieter tourist trade.

Sunshine Hours
There is rarely a day without sun on the stunning Caribbean island of St Barts. With an average of nearly 3,000 sunshine hours per year, there's barely an opportunity for clouds to appear. May, September, October, November and December are technically the least sunny months, but even then they are only categorised as such due to having less than four days with less than four hours of sunshine...

Ocean Temperatures
The beautiful Caribbean Sea is inviting all year round, with higher temperatures of approximately 29°C during the Summer months. February and the winter months bring with it an average ocean temperature of around 26°C. Perfect for cooling off after a hard day lapping up the sunshine!